Ugly Dolls PG (2019) May 3, 2019 1hr 27min

It’s time again kids for your kind of of movie. Ugly Dolls fits the bill with a tolerable musical animated film straight from Uglyville, In short, director Kelly Asbury hands down a fuzzy story about a small bunch of factory reject dolls straight off the assembly line that don’t fit the bill because of their hair, eyes, or teeth. The dolls take to their own and wonder off to see the other side of life and stumble on a village of perfect dolls led by Lou (Nick Jonas). They want to see what it’s like to be loved and make new friends. The dolls, led by Moxy (Kelly Clarkson), discover a whole new world that conceited Lou has wrapped around his fingers.

After the dolls try to prove themselves they are challenged a to contest called the gauntlet. Who ever wins will be in good standing, or not, with Lou. He is king-of-the-hill and will stop at nothing to win the game which consists of cheating. Kids, be prepared for lots of singing and dancing to the voices of Blake Shelton who voices Ox. Pitbull, Wanda Sykes, Emma Roberts, Gabriel lglesias and Leehom Wang. It’s a cute movie that thankfully is short.

STXFilms has a doll of a movie on the table and the kiddos will have fun with snacks and drinks. I always stick around for the credits to see how many are involved in making these cute little stories. 2 stars

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