Cold and Screaming

Like birds in a tree, the best things in life are free

Like fish in the sea, we all swim free

Everywhere I go, what do I see?

A whole lot of drama coming at me

I’ve seen infectious smiles, I’ve seen snow in piles

I’ve seen inches of rain

like a full force gail

It quickly went to hell

I’ve seen the land burning in pain

One can stand tall

But nothing like a frozen waterfall

The Sun bakes

The Earth quakes

Like exceeding the speed limit

It ran fast, it ran free

Latch the hatch, lock the front door

Bolt the back door

There is a man with a fiery storm in his eye

A gun in his hand and thunder in in the sky

It came upon them like a battering ram

Panama was soon to be damned

Like a southbound train roaring through the tunnels on a rampage

That shit needs to be put away, put away in a cage

He entered through the day

Soon all was swept away

Michael came screaming onto shore

Category 1, 2, 3, 4, don’t come back no more

Obeying all the rules, they played it cool

Then mother nature acted like a fool

From personal desires to raging forest fires

All the tastes made by hand, soon turned to sand

With the speed of light, we look up

We scream at the sky

Why? Why? Why?

The lights went out, the water ran out

As heads turned, houses burned

Sometimes life has no meaning when your Cold and Screaming

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