The Creator [PG-13] 2023 Action/Thriller 2h 15m

As summer comes to a close and fall makes it’s yearly entrance so do a new season of films that we welcome. Good or bad that is actually up to the audiences to decide and film critics like myself to give our take on what we perceive.

To kick off October it’s a gripping, intense, film by Gareth Edwards that tells a futuristic war story between the human race and artificial intelligence Former special forces agent Joshua (John David Washington) is recruited to locate and destroy the Creator an evasive architect who holds a mysterious weapon that both can end the war and all of mankind.

As Joshua and his team venture into hostile territory, they discover the world-destroying weapon is just a young child called Al, aka Nirmata, (newcomer Madeleine Yuna Voyles). His objective after he finding Alphie is to protect her until the U.S. Army can take her while he attempts to track down his wife presumed decesed five years ago.

There is action galore with great storytelling that climbs to new heights with spectacular landscapes built on only an $80 million dollar-mid-budget that’s best viewed in Imax format that is mostly filmed in beautiful Asia.

The film also stars Allison Janney, Ken Watanabe and Ralph Ineson. It is compliments of 20th Century Fox and opens at the end of this month (September). 4 stars

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