Oppenheimer 2023 R 3h

Christopher Nolan is famous for making some of the biggest blockbusters ever to hit theaters. The writer/director is recognized for the Batman trilogys along with Interstellar (2014) which earned him lots of box-office love. Now here he comes again with his latest project the three-hour war/drama Oppenheimer.

This documentry tells the story of ending World War 11 with the Atomic bomb starring Cillian Murphy as Robert Oppenheimer after careful planning and the right math and with a little help from his friends (Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr) he designs the perfect mass-destruction weapon and drops it on Japan. This powerful biopic is so compelling and riveting it makes the three-hour run time fly by.

The last quarter of the film was the sluggish part with court room and hearing drama and could have been cut down by thirty minutes but this film will not bomb (sorry) at the theaters. I saw the film in Imax form The screen is six stories big and with a 600 pound film that measures over 11 miles long that is the only way to see it. 5 stars

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