Argylle (2024) PG-13 2h 20m Action/Thriller

Argylle is the latest effort from director Matthew Vaughn {Kingsman films}

Argylle follows spy novelist Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) who writes espionage novels when reality hits when her new book mirrors real-life events, in real time. As a homebody she finds herself drawn into a underground syndicate. A spy (Sam Rockwell) shows up to prevent her possible kidnapping or death that has sent this film into into the land of confusion. Elly and her pet kitty Alfie, who she sports around in a bubble backpack, are thrown into a world where nothing is what it seems.

This light-hearted secret spy adventure thought is not as good as the Kingsman franchise as it crammed full of low-rate predictable cgi right off the bat. There are some cool fight scenes with the cat being the most comedic scene stealer that couldn’t survive without the campy cgi. The movie is entertaining with a great cast but depending where your taste of humor lies, you will enjoy this overly long spy-thriller. Henry Caville and Sam Rockwell did their best by trying to salvage this James Bond want-a-be high budget film and did what they could with the script given but with the slow scenes and action sequences it still is a slow moving flick. We’ll see what the box office says when Matthew Vaughn’s latest project shows us in the theaters when it opens in February. 2 stars

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