The Hands Of Love (pt. 2)

In charge of us is a man who changed me

I look on non-blindly and say I see

You have married me

We have come to terms of all expressions laid

Babe, I will be your heavenly maid

When I saw you for the first time

I knew you would be mine

I spoke to you in church

I spoke to you in the street

Couldn’t imagine you’d be the first I’d meet

See the bright moon in the sky. See birds fly

To single life say goodbye

Brings to me a happy tear to cry

Love comes to you never hollow

I must obey

I must follow

Something so strong cannot be wrong

No one beats a drum while the priest reads his sermon

Sweet memories carry on

Dream as you dream

Dream as one

I fell into the Hands of Love

It is one I have been dreaming of

Our marriage fits like a well-tailored glove

I will step into the light

I will step away from the night

My love to you keeps returning

Just as the earth keeps turning

I cannot loose

I will not loose

This union we both choose

Love is in my Heart

Love and we will never fall apart

You and I could not just drive by

You are the nicest thing from the sky

Surrender into the night

Love me tight

For happiness, Love is the price we pay

Practiced everyday

Soon the light will shape our time and mind

The Sun will be the light to make it right

As our rhyme takes another turn

Our fire continues to burn

We will share our love day to day

With nothing but passion to display

I fell into the Hands Of Love

Our marriage will fit like a well-tailored glove

It is one I have been dreaming of

My Heart is open

This I was hoping

Our Love is a victorious banner to display

See it hung everyday

Our words we won’t be attacking

From this, there will be no over-reacting

I would be the first to the alter

I promised not to wear a halter

Without any fear

The Sun will lead us

Our reason to be here

Balance the thoughts that release you

I love you

You love me too

Holding doors will stay open everyday

Love will never be turned away

With God so powerfully in our lives

And with His Heavenly guidance

And without any fear

He will lead us

Our reason to be here

I hope you like this poem

It’s from Bob

You know’em

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