The Hands Of Love (pt. 1)

Once upon a time, long ago, set into rhyme

There was you and me, A lovely opportunity

You came into my life, put upon my face a smile

This took only a short while

It is in my heart, until death do we part

You are my darling, you are my sweetheart

Another Shout, Another Cry

I Love you, you know why

A strong chance with romance comes a dance

We go for A hike

Or a ride on a bike

Saddle up and hit the trail

Saddle up like Roy and Dale

With Your white dress

You shall look your best

And you with your tux

Well shucks

You will look good as you should

You will walk out the door, you will be single no more

Soon, Oh, soon, two will become one

Your lives will be fun

You will take the hand of your man

And I will take the hand of my woman

I fell into the Hands of Love

Our chemistry is like a well-tailored glove

It is one I have been dreaming of

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