Long Shot (May 3, 2019) R

In this time of politics where everyone is attacking the other, it’s time to breathe fresh air light-hearted comedy that’s not too heavy on one party or the other. Director Jonathan Levine has a winning romantic comedy that is plum good. It tells the story of a footloose journalist, Fred (Seth Rogen) who makes getting in trouble a routine. He loves dirty jokes and enjoys a drink or three. He gets himself unemployed, attends a cocktail party with some friends and he glances over across the dance floor and spots a pretty blonde (Charlize Theron). After he gets busted for staring at her, she invites him to join her for another drink.

After some liquid courage, he accepts then his past memory kicks in as he realizes she was his 16 year-old babysitter when he was 13 whom he had a serious crush on. Things come back to her as well and he is informed she is heavily into politics and is running for the Presidency 2020 office. She offers him a writing job, however with her being Secretary Of State, his skills impress few but he still does his own thing. They still have feelings for each and that is obvious when a terrorist attacks the building they’re in. They seek safe shelter and sparks fly just as they are rescued by O’ Shea Jackson, one of the bodyguards. Fred totally supports Fields in her endeavors but after some old videos of his surface, her run is jeopardized. This is Theron’s best work to date and the chemistry Rogen and her have as a team seals the deal. O’Shea Jackson and June Diane Raphael’s who plays Maggie have outstanding charisma. The movie also stars Alexander Skarsgard, Randy Orton and Boyz 11 Men. This film runs 125 minutes and will have to stand up and run against “Avengers: Endgame”. This is a fine romantic/comedy that will be a good date flick. B

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