NOPE (2022) R 131m

Director/Writer Jordan Peele

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Jordan Peele made a name for himself with the 2017 horror “Get Out” then 2019’s “US” and he is back with his third installment with a twist. There has been a lot of hype surrounded by mystery in his latest horror/thriller effort “Nope” and yep it’s a different take of anything he has offered.

The story is set in California in the hillside where a black horse rider/ wrangler OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) is out to make some dough by being the first to be captured in motion. OJ’s objective is to keep the family’s ranch from going under with the help of his fast talking happy-go-lucky sister Emerald (Keke Palmer).

Daniel Kaluuya in Universal’s Nope

After they resort to selling the horses to a nearby wild west amusement park operated by a former kid star (Steven Yeun) things seem to uplifted but that all changes when strange things form in the clouds spooking the horses and causing random power surges. They bank on getting a perfect shot of whatever it is, and their worries would be over. Nope! The tension and the eerie sound effects build and we now know Peele has a sci-fi master piece unlike his last two (“Get Out” 2017 and “Us” 2019) with introduced the world to him. With all the characters here, it is Palmer who gets the blue ribbon. I hope she gets some love at the Oscars as best actress and Peele as best director but it’s way early yet for all that. I’m getting my list together though..

Expect some bloody images, a mad chimpanzee (Terry Notary) along with a shoe resting on it’s toe, on a bloody TV set with some humorous moments in just the right places. Peele will give the audiences something they will not expect and would come from Spielberg or Hitchcock and that is something to look up to. I say yep to “Nope”. See it in theaters on 07/22/2022 and Imax. 5 stars.

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