Minions: The Rise of Gru [PG) 2022 90m Comedy/Adventure

Twelve years since Despicable Me was birthed on the big screen that gave way to offspring Minions and a few sequels later like this latest Minions: The Rise of Gru. With not many comedies offered lately and the 4th of July upon us this latest spin-off might be the answer. The Illumination creation might give the adults some chuckles.

If you’ve been following the series Wild Knuckles (voiced by Alan Arkin) was expelled from the Vicious Six of which opened the door for Steve Carell’s Gru to apply for. His reason given loudly, “I want to be a supervillian!” When he is turned down and forced to re-strategize, he resorts to stealing the gangs valued possession, the Zodiac Stone and is instantly pursued by Vicious 6 and his gang. Even though Steve Carell is just a voice-over this is probably his top honors right out of the office.

Gru’s supervillain side kicks in with gags and puns that results in exhausting funny violence with the help of the little yellow rollie-pollies boys (there are no girl Minnions) which include Jean Claude Van Damme (Jean Clawed), Taraji P Henson (Belle Bottom), Michelle Yeoh (Master Chow), Julie Andrews (Marlena Gru), Dolph Lundgren (Sevengeance), Danny Trejo (Stronghold), and Nunchuck voiced by Lucy Lawless. The set pieces, music by Heitor Pereira add to this movie helmed by Kyle Balda.

This film is going to be a big hit especially since nothing else is opening this weekend. Thor, the next big contender, will not be screened in Indy and still it’s set to open July 7. These little yellow kids will own the box-office this holiday weekend and turn it green even with lots of the same laughs as before in this huge money making Illumination franchise. Sing along with the soundtrack and the famous song at the caboose. I really enjoyed this follow-up and your entire family shall as well. This cute series will continue to rise with Universal Pictures continuing to distribute. 4 Stars (out of 5).

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