Nobody (2021) R 90m

There’s a new action hero in town and an unlikely one at that. If you recall Better Call Saul you will know Bob Odenkirk who now stars as Hutch Mansell aka Nobody who’s past catches up to him when he is forced to defend his home and family against some uninvited dinner guests.

Bob Odenkirk in Universal’s Nobody

Director IIya Naishuller has a surprise hit on the big screen post pandemic style with fists, guns and brains refreshing Mansell’s past secrets who just goes by the name Nobody. When his house is broken in by two young masked punks who didn’t social distance he makes his personal mission to pursue them and bring back his kid’s watch. He withheld from beating the hoodlums to a pulp fiction but the other guys want more. This film has a fondling of Angel Has Fallen with Nick Nolte playing a surprising role in that, when Mansell’s dad, Christopher Lloyd, steps up to the plate with a few tricks of his own. The 80 yr old still has it in him.

The music score composed by David Buckley is a fine addition and can’t imagine Nobody without the choices. Orginally scheduled for release this past August of 2020, Odenkirk underwent months of extensive training for his rigorous fight scenes to prepare for this role in which I believe we shall be revisited by him. The film also stars Connie Nielsen as his wife who prefers houses with basements. If you like action, crime and thriller movies at a 90 minute pace, you will like Nobody. The film opened March 26, 2021 in theaters but limited spacing seating. Wear a mask. 4 stars

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