You had an amazing life with amazing family by your side

You fed the hogs and walked the dogs

You took wonderful care of all with your great big heart ’till death pulled us apart

Those animals were always by your side but sometimes would not abide

You left behind so many wonderful memories for all of us with a lot of kick from the Rocky Mountains to French Lick

So strongly take your stand when you climb your mountain

Or stop by the Flowing Well water fountain

Get the flame as it burns

Get the wind as it slowly turns

Get the earth as it circles by

Get the sky, see God’s creations fly by

The seeds of life erase all the strife

Like voices in the wind, I hear voices, I see faces

Reminds me of all the happy places

I want to sparkle, I want to shine

Through the ageless endless realm of time

Brenda, your amazing journey will carry on

So saddle up and hit the trail

Saddle up like Roy and Dale

By Bob Higgins (03/09/2021)

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