A Quiet Place Part II {PG-13}:Twice as tense as the first in this 2021 Horror/Thriller

Emily Blunt in Paramount’s A Quiet Place Part 2

Some sequels can be made better or worse than the original and that has repeated itself consistently. With the last 14 months of the world being on hold, movie studios postponed most all their releases or just a few being transferred over to streaming services. They will still scout a way for income. One of the hyped-up releases that was scheduled as a anxiously-awaited sequel to it’s 2018 A Quiet Place was A Quiet Place 2 to open in March 2020. It never happened, obviously. It has now as the Abbott family (Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) has returned to new horrors and new thrills that venture beyond the sand and new threats they face with the nicely addition of Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou, this sequel is more adventurous than it’s forefather.

Director John Krasinski has a project that, unlike any other, will grab your attention and screams from the sounds of silence. The film starts out with “Day 1” when his family is participating in a baseball game when an alien space ship brings a screeching halt to the fun. The town scatters from the blind-bullet proof creatures and the film again centers around the Abbott family with one of the kids, played by Millicent Simmonds (Wonderstruck), being deaf (and in real life) it gets to be a hell of a thrill ride and never slows down until the final credits. However, the lightening-fast monsters aren’t their only threat as a new one awaits cross sea.

The acting is finely tuned and the injuries along the way will make you feel what they felt. Where did these blind creatures that hunt by sound come from exactly and what they seek on earth still remains somewhat a mystery although it is presumed they escaped their dying planet where they hunted blindly and only by sound due to no humans. As in the first Quiet Place the safest way of communication is sign language. The film is slated to open in wide release May 28, 2021 (yes, this year in this month, in this week as the pandamndemic is heading away-hopefully). Krasinski, killed off in the first installment, makes a small cameo in a flashback early on. It’s his film, he can do that but I imagine if he knew Paramount ordered a sequel from him he wouldn’t have sacrificed himself off. It was all to save his kids.. Oh, yeah, there will be a third film to not leave us hanging and dangling wondering about the ending scene. This film is all about the suspense, thrills, gore and sci-fi you would crave in a 97 minute film with impressive set pieces. A Quiet Place 2 will restore your faith and sanity in sequels for sure. A huge hands down goes out to American Sign Language. That had to require lots of practice and came in handy. Just a friendly reminder as well, silence is golden, silence is life, please silence your cells or the creatures will find you. B

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