Don’t Breathe 2 Needs a cane for this brail path {R} 2021

Here it is post-pandemic or maybe pre-pandemic again, whatever is floating out there this time. Horror films are more predominate August through the end of the year which is good marketing strategy especially when the box office is desperately yearning for a comeback not sharing those profits with streaming services. A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2. Both very good films with hands being the main source of communication. Now the time arrives with another sequel from another horror flick that was first bought to us in 2016 directed by Fade Alvarez about a blind man who’s house was broken in by thieves looking for easy cash. They found out it wasn’t all that simple because you shouldn’t mess with a blind man and his dog. The female lead in that one was played by Jane Levy and it showed her escaping him at the end and what appeared he was shadowing her. It ended up in the air.

On August 13, 2021, the blind man (Stephen Lang) known as Norman Nordstrom is back eight years later after the first event living in solitude as a surrogate father to an 11-year girl he refers to as his daughter named Tara which we find out later she also goes by Phoenix (Madelyn Grace). Norman teaches her survivor skills with the dog Shadow joining in. Phoenix was rescued by Norman from a house fire caused by a meth lab that her gang leader dad Raylan (Brendan Sexton) was responsible for. The blind man also carried some mental scars and secrets with him from his past while caring for the girl along with Norman’s supply friend former Army Ranger Hernandez (Stephanie Arcila) who made sure the house had supplies fully stocked. She took Phoenix out with her stopped for gas while Tara used the restroom only to fine out she was being followed by Raylan. The dog scars him away only to be shot to death in the woods.

Norman finds the dog, blindly walks back in the house to find Rayland’s gang. They are bogus organ doctors on the black market and their goal is to transplant Tara’s lungs to her terminally ill mother who suffered smoke damage from the house fire with no sedation. Norman puts an end to that plan with his special skills and senses. A fight breaks out, knives are abundant, guns are super convenient Raylan turns his rottweiler on Norman but he befriends him and turns the table. The end result is all the bad guys are terminated, Norman appeared to suffering from fatal stab wounds and Phoenix walks away proudly. The key word here is “appears” to be as the dog comes to Norman’s side.

This film differs from the previous with the director’s chair changing butts. It’s Rodo Sayagues leading the way and also missing is Jane Levy from the first film missing. It’s brand new take with the same blind man getting picked on once again. It’s a fairly decent film but still needs to go back to it’s roots and/or tell how the blind man became blind just out of curiosity sake.. Stephen Lang did rigorous workouts daily to prepare him self for his role and took advice from some one with eyes to see if he looked believable. Both can see in real life. We can all assume there will be a third. We shall see. 3 stars

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