CODA (PG-13) 1hr 52m

There is Sundance Award film opening Friday the 13th (yikes) but it’s a scary good heartwarming film for the whole family we just aren’t offered hardly anymore. The film centers around Ruby Rossie (Emilia Jones) who is best known for Locke & Key on Netflix. She was born the only hearing member of her family who also has a love interest in music. Her talent, however conflicts with her family responsibilities and her job on her parent’s fishing boat.

Her fisherman father (wonderfully played by Troy Kotsur) and her mother (Marlee Matlin) who became deaf at an early age due to an illness all carry tis film to a happy ending as Ruby is determined to pursue her music talents while continuing her job on her dad’s boat along with her brother (Daniel Durant). She attempts to juggle both obligations while being the family’s interpeter. CODA (child of deaf adults) takes place in Glouester, Mass. and has some mighty fine scenery.

CODA has it’s tensions and never concentrates on one element overly long and therefore keeps a steady pace and Sian Heder’s film will warm your heart with good vibes with all the deaf characters being deaf in real time. No cover-ups here. Ruby manages to fulfill her dream and having her family enjoy watching her thanks to The American Sign Language masters guiding hands. More and more films today include signing, such as Hush, and just lately A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2. Rudy succeeds in her endeavors as a family member, keeping a boyfriend, a job, school, and her love for music. The show stealer for me was her mom and dad sitting in the doctor’s office and dad complaining of a burning feeling down below. It turned out to be jock itch but the way he described it with his hands and facial expressions was a kodak moment. CODA opens on Apple tv plus and in theaters Friday. Grade B

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