The Night House (2021) R Horror/Thriller 1h 50m

A widow (Rebecca Hall) residing in a lakeside home her late husband (Evan Jonigkeit) built does her best to hold it together until disturbing images come out at night with knocks on the door and wet footprints on the dock leading down to the lake. At day time they go away and all visions are washed away. But instinct moves her to dig deeper as the ghostly visions continue when the sun sets and a house across the lake lights up. The curiosity house keeps pushing her to get to the center of her nightmares and uncover her husband’s secrets.

Bring out the booze and head to the book store is her first goal. There she discovers a strange sketchbook along with evidence her husband was having an affair and her visions start appearing real when the house across the lake is lite up again. A house that should not exist. The film has some brief frightening moments but David Brucker’s film will soon fade into the dark when other scary films knock it to the lake. Searchlight Pictures distributed this film with the score handed to us by Ben Lovett and the music for any film is the film. Look for The Night House in theaters Friday August 20. 2 1/2 stars.

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