The Super Mario Bros. Movie (PG) 2023

Based on the popular Nintendo game, this updated take from the original 1993 version, might give Air some competition when it hits theaters April 5 depending how many venues the 38-year-old video game is shared with plus if the kiddos are on spring break.

While underneath Brooklyn on a plumbing job Mario (Chris Pratt) and Luigi (Charlie Day) are vacuumed through a pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom and get caught up in King Bowser’s (Jack Black) evil plans to swipe the Super Star that hold the power to take over Princess Peach’s (Anya Taylor-Joy) Toad-filled domain.

Mario eats a blue mushroom in lieu of a red on. One color is a dud the other gives him courage and growth which adds more humor to the 92 minute illumination/Universal story, The animation and movements like hair blowing give it reel feel and the voice-overs by all are believable and the Mushroom Kingdom is fantastically trapped. At the end there is a tiny sniped of what may come down the road. On $66 million budget, this might mushroom (sorry) into a money making opening week especially when it opens Wednesday.

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