Renfield (R) 2023 Horror/Comedy

Thirty-five years after his first outing with 1988’s “Vampire’s Kiss” Nicolas Cage who devoured a live cockroach on-screen takes another bite in the blood-thirsty vampire world with Chris McKay’s “Renfield” a devoted servant to this modern-day Dracula set in New Orleans. It’s really good to have Nick back on the big screen this time with a brand new set of shaved/pointed dentures.

Bored with his job Dracula’s sidekick Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) wants out from under his monstrous blood-sucking boss Dracula (Cage) so he attends a self-help group to obtain a fresh start. The timid and shy English speaking man to Cage’s narcissism make for an interesting plot. Less fun is Awkwafina’s Rebecca Quincy’s cop character as she has had stronger roles but is good in anything no matter what and I would to have seen Nicolas Cage gain more screen time.

Renfield is eventually sucked back into serving his master as he is trapped in that soulful cycle in which his boss rises to power but is taken down by the forces of good in this 93 minute. The movie is based on characters by Bram Stoker on a $86 million dollar budget.

Special effects dept did their jobs well and although this bloody film is good will it bite the butt of Air or The Super Mario Brothers Movie? The plumbers will tell. Thankyou Universal. 3 stars (out of 5)

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