The Little Mermaid (2023) 2h 15m PG

Once again it’s time for remakes and sequels. Hollywood does this so well good or bad they are out there for us to see. It’s time for Ariel’s The Little Mermaid to take her turn in a re-imaging trip from under the sea to the surface.

There, the youngest daughter of King Triton, Ariel (Halle Bailey) like the older adaption is curious about what lies above the surface. She ventures above the sea into a whole new world. It is there she meets Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer King) and falls in love and is willing to give up her mermaid life to gain a human soul.

The film bursts with breathtaking eye visuals and vivid colors. However, it is the joyful music that whisks you away as you dive in this undersea adventure in Hans Christian Anderson’s novel first published in 1837.

The film is directed by Rob Marshall and co-stars Daveed Diggs as Sebastian with Mellisa McCarthy voicing Ursula in this romantic fantasy of which opens in theaters May 6, 2023.

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