The Flash 2023 {PG-13} 2h 35m

DC Universe has finally launched it’s hopeful game saver with Ezra Miller’s The Flash. With all the off-screen scandels involving Miller over the past the film was eventually given a green light.

The film’s first half takes off like a rocket however the second half of the film was ruined by poor CGI. The story follows Barry Allen/The Flash as he tries to figure out how his mum died and wo did it. His father sits falsely accused in prison because the security cameras in a food store didn’t pick up on his face while shopping. He needed to prove he was shopping which is key evidence to free him.

The Flash with some food for protein, embarks on a journey through past, present and future through a multiverse back-to-the-future style to save his mum and prove his dad’s innocence. On his mission he diverts disasters from a hospital and gets caught up in a baby shower which was CGI overkill. Enter Michael Keaton’s Batman and his machinery we have a party. When Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) shows up it’s Justice League revisited. Let’s not leave newcomer Sasha Calle Supergirl out. She is the first latino to play the character. I would be curious what’s in store for her as I would like to see more of her or even her own stand-alone. Let’s see how this film does first when it opens on fathers day weekend

The action keeps up but the bad CGI couldn’t. There is a scene with Batman aka Bruce Wayne nose dived his plane into General Zod’s (Michael Shannon) war machine. It’s a great action flick and can hopefully reboot the DC comic franchise post pandemic. Let’s give it a try but next time with more believable special effects. Director Andy Muschietti might have a blockbuster. Time will tell–in a Flash. 3 stars.

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