Gerald’s Game (2017) TV-MA 1h 43m

I continue my Netflix journey and this trip stopped at a remote lake house with Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) and Jessie (Caria Gugino) as a kinky married couple trying for round two of their relationship on a weekend getaway. As bondage is part of the plan by hand-cuffing Jessie to the bed posts. Things get a little rough for her, the couple argues about it then things go from sexy to scary after Gerald falls to the ground from a fatal heart attack. Jessica is left helpless still cuffed to the bed with a hungry stray dog at her feet.

This is very nicely done psychological thriller. In her mind she has escaped with visions of her deceased taunting husband taunting added with her creepy flashbacks as a child. Although there is more dialogue that action, director Mike Flanagan’s adaption of Stephen King’s 1992 novel, delivers sensationally with dark and gruesome moments that will make your eyes shut. Jessie’s fear, her tense moments and seeing her helpless as a cow on a crutch is torturous enough to make this my top 10 Netflix watch. Greenwood, prancing around bare chested shows the 61 year old still has lots of talent in him and is very capable of any work presented to him-suspenseful or not.

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