DUNE part 1 (2021) PG-13 2h 35m

Timothee Chalamet in Dune (2021) Legendary Pictures

Dune 2021 is the second film adaptation since the 1984 film and covers the first half of the novel by Frank Herbert who penned it in 1965. It’s a long film getting us prepped for part two hopefully in 2022 or there about. Maybe it won’t be delayed at that point. Dune is a in-depth sci-fi slow moving, complex but impressive achievement taking place thousands of years in the future where mankind takes the place of computers and becomes the thinking machines with a little help of some good brain altering drugs.

The most powerful of them is the highly addictive spice melange exclusively found on planet Arrakis (Dune) and heavily guarded and only the brave seek it. The son (Timothee Chalamet) of Duke Atrecides and Lady Jessica (Rebecca Fergusen) is the prominent character who leads the journey across the sand which carries no water. In order to sustain life themselves, they sport space suits that recycle tears and sweat from their bodies as water and drink through a hooked-up tube. Yum!

The spice drug can do wonders for the extension of life and as they seek it, there are some major speed bumps to challenge them such as Kwisatz Haderach a super-man like being able to see through space and time and sets traps for those who seek the drug. It’s a complex film and the book might be a plus before you jump into the latest edition of this lengthy film finely directed by Denis Villeneuve. Dune was filmed over half the world for half a year in 2019 and has finally hit the big screen and simultaneous HBO Max on a big-ass budget and will make more than that in revenue when it opens October 22.

Not only is it going to be stellar, it carries an all-star cast such as Zendaya, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa and Stellan Skarsgard plus Hans Zimmer hands down the music score on what’s certainly going to be a box office revival with tons of other blockbusters heading our way especially when this round of the pandemic ends. Go to the movies, eat fresh popcorn. Turn your phones to silent for 155 minutes and enjoy the show. This part one of a two chapter tells only the first half of the book. Streaming services will carry the earlier versions so catch up and compare. 4 stars

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