Antlers (2021) R 100m

The last year and a half has been crazy all the way around. Now things are almost back to normal and with numerous films backed up and waiting in line for exposure the theater industry shall be hustling. There has already been movies hit the big screen (not streaming) that have been collecting dust, got dusted off and made a big splash on the big screen. Dune and No Time To Die aka Bond 25. Here comes another long anticipated much delayed movie in the supernatural horror category by director Scott Cooper (Hostiles) and Guillermo del Toro known as Antlers.

The film centers around courageous Julia (Keri Russell) who shares an Oregon house with sheriff brother (Jesse Plemons) and is based on the short story “The Quiet Boy” by Nick Antosca who co-wrote the film with C. Henry Chaisson. Julia teaches at the local elementary school and takes a special interest in a bullied boy student Lucas (Jeremy T. Thomas). His interest lays solely in horrific illustrated fairy tales involving three wolves. Julia begins to follow him throughout town and even visits his home curious about meeting his father (Scott Haze) and younger brother.

Her persistence frees a violent force Lucas is protecting also known as Wendigo. Bring out the blood and guts as this creature has an unstoppable hungry and is tied to the rural area opioid disease gripping the town. This is Scott’s first journey into the horror industry and although he might be on to something, this first take is not as powerful as all the hype led us to believe. Cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister punishingly creeps us out but I’m sure we shall see them again. Kutos to Plemons and Russell for being very good at their jobs as actors, however. You are only as good as the script given to you. 2 1/2 stars

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