Avatar: The Way of Water {pg-13} 160m Sci-fi/Adventure

James Cameron continues his epic adventure he started in 2009 he conjured back in 2009 with Avatar: The Way of Water. This sequel at 30 minutes longer than the first breaks the sound barrier with modern sound system that rattles your very seats and the butts that meets those seats.

This second adventure tells the story of Sully’s family (Neytiri, Jake and their four siblings) and a rekindled threat that wages war against Jake that he must face again. They leave their homes, staying together taking the battle to beyond visuals under the water which allows visual effects of Weta VFX stand out loud and proud.

Although Avatar 2 is created with a lot of cgi, the movie is weak on character development, it is still the most stunning film I have even seen, thanks to the CGI. I’d be curious if it could be shown in the non-cgi form come DVD time to compare. That would be fun. My screening was experienced in 3-D but with the run time 30 minutes longer than the first, it might keep some at bay.

Main players are Sam Worthington (Jake Scully), Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, Kate Winslet as Ronai with Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch with Jack Champion as “Spider” (the son of Quaritch) absorbing most of the screen time He had a very important part in Avatar 2 but was not in the first one.

The only shortcoming of this film is it’s lengthy running time. However, it’s ok to go pee. A special thanks to cinematographer Russel Carpenter. The film is produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau. Avatar 3 is already shot and we shall see it late next year. 4 stars

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