A Poem For Luis (He’s Gone Fishing) by Bobby Higgins (10/05/2013)

Once Upon A Time, Long Ago, Set Into Rhyme

Luis Is On A Fishing Boat Full Speed Ahead

He’s Not Going To Stop Until he Hits The Dock

He’s Gone Fishing

Brenda Was Wishing

You Both Beat The Bees By Heading To The Keys

You Go Out At The Light Of The Day

And At Night The Fish Play

I Caught My Catch

I Have A Good Batch

It’s Now Time To Latch The Hatch

These Happy Faces Are Going Places

Instead Of The Bars

I Think It Will Be Race Cars

This World Seems So Vast

The Race Cars Get Nowhere Fast

But I Am L.A.P.

I Will Still Watch NASCAR

That’s Where I’ll Be

For Brenda, No Tears, Don’t Cry, No Sorrow

There Is Always Tomorrow

From Frozen Ice Moons To Global Lava Seas

All You Have To Do Is Believe

Plenty Of Years

Plenty Of Fears

Plenty Of Tears

Not Enough Beers

Your Hands Have Felt A Lot

Your Eyes Have Seen A Lot

Your Life Has A Plot

We Say Goodbye, We Look Down

Something Is Rolling Down Your Our Eye

Reflection Of My Mind?

Reflection Of Your Mind?

Perhaps Over Time

Strongly Take Your Stand

When You Climb Your Mountain

You And Mom Can Both Saddle Up And Hit The Trail

Both Saddle Up Like Roy And Dale

Like Fish In The Sea, You Can Now Swim Free

I Awake And It’s Western Time

And If You Don’t Mind

It’s Wyatt Earp And A Big Cheyenne

They’re Coming Through The TV

Shootin’ Up The Land

I Feel Like I Just Got Hit By A Great Big Brick

He Said Thanks For Reminding Me

It’s Time For Maverick

But Shh, Listen

Not Even The Dogs Spoke

When It Was Time For Gunsmoke

But Back By The Shore, Rise Luis And See the Door

You Knock For Bait On Every Door

But You Want To Be Heard

So You Knock On Just One More

Like Voices In The Wind I Hear Voices

I See Faces

Reminds Me Of All The Happy Places

That Pain I Had

That Pain Was Bad

Now My Pain Is No Longer A Bother

Me And Sunny Are Now With Our Heavenly Father

Luis, You Will Sparkle

Luis, You Will Shine

Through The Ageless Endless Realm Of Time

Luis, I Hope You Like This Poem

It’s From Bobby

You Know’ Em

Luis Albert Paz (L.A.P.) 12/18/1944-10/05/2013 By Bobby Higgins 10/05/2013

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