The Seeds of Life (A Poem for Mom)

Once upon a time

Long ago

Set into rhyme

There was mom, dad and me

Such a lovely opportunity

Captured in morning glory

We see the dew that has fallen

I see clouds float in the air

Just like they weren’t even there

Bees pollinate

The sun rises

The sun sets

Never late

Get the fire as the flame it burns

Get the wind as it slowly turns

Get the earth as it circles by

Get the sky

See God’s creations fly by

The seeds of life 

Are planted once

And handed down 

Continuously on solid ground

Our hearts

Our bodies

Our minds

Our souls

These are our priorities

These are our goals

Mom, your memories flow ’round the clock

Gentle like a stream

But solid like a rock

Strongly take your stand

When you climb your mountain

You moved me to much delight

With the sun at day

And the moon at night

Stars above our planet

Mountains seemingly made from granite

The heavens are endless

Your courage is bendless

Your strength is relentless

Open doors we find our way

We look, we see, we smile

Mom, your story will carry on

Through the seasons of the sun

So saddle up and hit the trail

Saddle up like Roy and Dale

Mom, no tears,

Don’t cry

No sorrow

There is always tomorrow

You are strong brave and bold

You are wise

You are the heart of the sunrise

No more strife

It’s all complete with you

In the seeds of life

I hope you like this poem

It’s from Bobby

You know ’em

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