Swan Song R drama/fantasy

If you remember Mahershala Ali in Green Book (2018) you will certainly remember him in his latest upcoming drama/fantasy film Swan Song a film in which a graphic designer Cameron (Ali) and devoted husband to his wife (Naomie Harris) and father who is diagnosed with a life-ending illness. The unnamed disease will pull his away from all loved so he secretly sees Dr. Scott (Glenn Close) to seek alternative treatments without his family’s knowledge. He goes to great lengths to conceal his family from the bad news.

Set in the near future his continued visits with Dr. Scott reveals she is working on a state-of-the-art clone of him minus the disease unbeknownst to his family She designs a replica of Cam named Jack (Ali). The only question or questions will Jack live exactly as Cam or visa versa? Will Jack or Cam stay at the facility until one wants or return to normality if Jack can be normal being a clone. Cam is faced with this dilemma with brings up past memories and issues in his marriage with past reflections. The acting is superb, the film slow going and this is Ali’s first freestanding role and the tears-for-fears look real. Clocking in at about two hours this film opens in theaters and streaming Apple December 17, 2021. I saw this film way in advance, pondered on it and really liked it. Self driving cars and magic contact lenses works for me. The story is finely directed by Benjamin Clearly and the music is compliments of Jay Wadley. Thank you Apple Studios. 4 stars as the end of the 2021 releases approaches.

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