Knock At The Cabin 2023 {R}

When M. Night Shyamalan’s name pops up the first thing most connect him most in is horror such as Sixth Sense, Old and Split just to mention a few of his most terrifying works. He is just beginning to haunt us and with his latest effort in theaters this February 3 he is consumed with mystifying the audiences with a 20 million budget ‘Knock At The Cabin’. What goes through his mind? Is he ok? What’s next from him? Well, for that later question, time will tell.

The film that features a small cast led by Dave Bautista as Leonard with his supporting 3 man crew Rupert Grint, Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge Abby Quinn and featuring Nikki Amuka Bird as Sabrina, all slowly appear from the woods to interrupt a vacating young girl and her parents to warn them of Doomsday and how to avoid it by making unmentionable choices.

Although this creepy thriller might seem confusing it delivers one of his best works as he launches immediately into the plot when seven-year old Wen ((Kristen Cui) runs into Leonard in the woods met by his buddies who force themselves in the house. One by one somebody has to sacrifice the other so mankind can live on with suicide being out of the equation. The two dads Win has (Groff and Aldridge) have very convincing roles as one of them has to die too. The Universal movie is based on the novel ‘The Cabin at the End Of The World’ is doing a nice job for the early part of the year. 3 stars

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