Halloween (2018)

It’s been 40 years since Michael Myers first became a household name. Since he was first seen (but not heard) Nick Castle who played The Shape, aka Michael Myers, reprised his role as the masked killer who has nothing but murder in his heart, especially for his mother, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and those close to her. 

Blumhouse productions resurrected the franchise and 40 years later there is a new director with David Gordon Green who worked with a 10 million dollar budget, and he has done just fine with Michael played this time around by James Jude Courtney with an appearance from Castle to make it more fun.​​

Judy Greer as Karen and newcomer Andi Matichan in her first major role (and a good one too) as Allyson adds to the cast but our main focus is on Laurie and Michael giving chase to each other after Michael escapes from a bus transporting him from one asylum to the other. It always happens that way in scary movies it seems. There he goes on the hunt again for his own bloodline. The scenes are taunting, haunting and more tense than the previous ones had to offer. Of course this is modern movie making now and Hollywood has learned a few tricks and that resulted in a few treats. After all, it is Halloween’s 40th anniversary.

It builds off those cuts with lots of momentum and full steam ahead especially near the final showdown that will get you fired up till the next time Michael takes another stab at acting. I truly enjoyed this rendition/reboot. The backstabbers got a handle on things. Grade B


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