Emergency [R] 2022 1h 45m

In these trying post-pandemic days, streaming movies are becoming more predominate as some hit theaters while others go straight to streaming services such as Amazon, HBO max and what ever else viewers can afford. Some go both routes-video first then theaters a week later. I suppose it’s easier to stay home and do Amazon Prime than drive out amid souring fuel costs and spurge on theater and snack prices to see something on the big screen unless it’s the only way to view.

In the latest wave of movies to be seen both ways opens at the end of May starting with Amazon Prime’s Emergency directed by Carey Williams and distributed by Amazon Studios.

It tells a best bud story about Kunie (Donald Elsie) and Sean (RJ Cyler) two seniors participating on a spring break party they devoted their entire night too but with Kunie’s priorities are focused on his lab experiments as his acceptance to Princeton hovering over his head. He decides to head back to their apartment where roommate Carlos (Sabastian Chacom) had left the door open, but when a young white female (Maddie Nichols) is discovered passed out amid the loud videogame music, they try to figure what’s next.

What will it look like if the cops show up with two black men and a latino and transporting her to a safe place via Sean’s van away from the police is one scenario. Emma’s sister Maddy (Sabrina Carpenter) grabbles with her last know phone location in an attempt to track her down but is also very liquored up and tensions mount in a hilarious joy ride for Emma’s safety. I viewed this movie via streaming service and did not see it on the big screen and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank-you Amazon. I give this movie a 3.5/5

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