American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story {PG} 2021 1h 52m

Zachary Levi as Kurt Warner in American Underdog (Lionsgate Pictures)

American Underdog is setting itself up to become an classic sports to keep the post-pandemic big screens happy. Inspired by a true story the faith-based film tells the struggles of a family man, Kurt Warner (Zachary Levi) who has yet to sign as a NFL football QB, his long-life dream, takes a gig at a grocery store to support his wife (Anna Paquin) and their children. His unlikely luck, with the help of Dick Vermeil (Dennis Quaid) the St. Louis Rams coach during Warner’s earlier days helps him rise above it all, land a starting QB with the NFL, keep his family faith intact with more children added to his family tree, learns line-dancing, taking a Super Bowl crown with the Rams in 2000 and reaching the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This probably won’t be a giant blockbuster, it’s not Spider-Man, based on a small budget of just $6 million, but like Warner, will make a touchdown Christmas day when it kicks into theaters. Directors Jon and Andrew Erwin (“I Can Only Imagine“) have a nice end-of-the-year offering. 4 stars

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