Ticket to Paradise [Pg-13] 2022 1h 44m Romance/Comedy

It’s almost holiday movie-season time which means anything from comedy, horror, action and whatever else Hollywood can throw into the mix to boost theater sales. Some old dinosaurs have been resurrected in a fresh new comedy opening Friday October 21 starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney two folks who still look great dressed for a night on the beach or for a formal outing such as a wedding.

Ticket to Paradise directed by Ol Parker (“Mamma Mia”) is about a 20 year divorced couple David and Georgia (Clooney and Roberts) who awkwardly are seated next to each other for their daughter’s (Kaitlyn Dever) graduation amid all the bickering but still supportive of her. Celebration time comes in the form of Bali where once again, David and Georgia are seated next to each other on the plane festering more animosity from the past.

Once they arrive in Bali, where the film is set but filmed in Queensland Australia Lily and her boyfriend (Billie Lourd) are set to marry until she meets local seaweed farmer Gede (Maxime Bouttier) and her heart tilts towards him. Meanwhile the parents pack their formal wear and beachwear while all along attempt to sabotage and supporting the wedding trying to keep Lily from making the same mistake they did years ago.

It’s a rom/com film and you know all works out in the end. My biggest bickering, yes I too can do that, is after many dips in the sea, the next scene has Roberts looking her best with hair nicely styled dry clothes and fresh makeup that took place only a short time after getting dry. This movie focuses more on the beauty of the people and scenery to make me care less on the wedding and romance rekindling. Maybe a divorce should not have ever happened. But breaking up then making up is so much fun. I did enjoy this comedy however without thinking more deep into it. Will it shove Michael Myers and Black Atom back out of the way to move up to number one? 3 stars (out of 5)

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