Crazy rich Asians (2018)

 If you appreciate a well done Cinderella story, director Jon M Chu invites you to see his his comedy/romance Crazy Rich Asians. One from the East (New York) and the other from the West (Singapore). It’s a simple love story involving two Asians who have been seriously dating for some time. Rachael (Contance Wu) is from New York and her boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) from Singapore. Nick invites Rachael to fly home with him to attends his friend’s wedding and to meet his family of wealth and taste. That part Nick fails to mention to Rachael which causes conflicts between all involved but especially his mother Eleanor (Michaelle Yeoh).​

Nick however, is willing to give it all up for Rachael’s hands of love. It only takes a week for all to come together (only in movies time. In real time it would be longer). This movie directed by Jon M Chu and based on Kevin Kwan’s novel is the first all Asian/American cast in nearly 20 years and is worth the wait. Only if you can suffer through the lavish bachelor party on a ship along with fancy food feasts. The wedding scene of which the movie is centered around is simply beautiful with flowers flowing through a trickling stream down the aisle. This is everyone’s fairy tale wedding from the breathtaking buildings to the Asian ceremonies. The acting here is spot-on. Kudos to Awkwafina who plays Rachael’s college friend. Her presents is very much admired. And where would this movie be without Ken Jeong? He has such a following and is always so entertaining. Crazy Rich Asians is in theaters August 15, 2018 and is rated PG-13.  ​Grade B

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Bob Higgins