Bros {R} 2022 Romance/Comedy/ Lgbtq 120m

Summer movie months are exiting us and as fall films fall, Universal Pictures enter October or actually the day before with a fresh rom-com with Billy Eichner in the spotlight accidently looking for love in Bros. This comedy is a wonderful surprise focused on gay relationships directed by Nicholas Stoller (Trainwreck/Bridesmaids) on a small budget.

The film opens with Bobby Lieber (Eichner) doing his famous podcast and attempting to open the first national LGBTQ+ history museum. Bobby has poor history dating but seems fine with it until he meets Aaron who shares the same thoughts on dating. They slowly hook up, beat down each other’s feelings, experiment boundaries with fantastic jokes from start to finish which would not work with straight actors.

Out of the many funny scenes is as Aaron and his family is gathered around a dinner outing when Billy steals the scene with the gift-of-gab and Aaron goes off on him. Great chemistry makes for a fine, fine, film. The sex scenes involving all the actors (they’re a lot) looks perfectly normal even though hot and heavy. This is perhaps the film of the year and one of the best comedies in years with Eichner taking the spotlight and even though his romantic interest MacFarlane remains taciturn here, his acting skills coast the movie to a fantastic ending with Eichner leading the way. The Debra Messing cameo will be well received as it’s quite fitting. It’s been a long time coming for this kind of film but it’s the coming of age. The film opens September 30 and made on a 22 million dollar budget, it will rake in triple that with not much competition until October’s fare.

4 1/2 stars

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